Friday, September 22, 2017

The Dodgers Win the National League West

The Dodgers just beat the Giants 4–2 and are now National League West champions for the 5th year in a row. Today's win was our 98th of the year.

The inevitable celebration got delayed quite a while by our horrible slump, but we did it—and on Tommy Lasorda's 90th birthday to boot!

Next stop: the National League Division Series on Friday 6 October at Dodger Stadium.

What Programmers Say When Their Software Doesn't Work: Top 20 Responses

I have witnessed several of these and used some others.

(Tip of the cap to Michael Stumpf.)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Words Well Hung

I can see myself uttering last words along these lines (though I can do without the hanging).

(Tip of the cap to George Takei.)

Contribute to Science with your Dungeons & Dragons Backstories

Yes, really.

(Tip of the cap to Jennifer Ouellette.)

The Origin of Zork

Here is a short article about the origin of the landmark text-adventure computer game Zork.

We should calculate some network statistics of the Great Underground Empire map. (See the salient hand-drawn figure in the article.)

Saturday, September 16, 2017

But Can We Set the Lyapunov Exponent?

Apparently, there is a microwave with a 'CHAOS' mode (in all caps).

I have only one question: Are we allowed to set the Lyapunov exponent? (Technically, I am thinking of the maximum one.)

(Tip of the cap to George Takei.)

Update: It looks like chaotic dynamics actually are explicitly involved. (Tip of the cap to Melvin Leok for the link.)

Update 2: Following up on Melvin's comment, I did some googling and found this article. I still haven't figured out which system they used. I suppose I should treat this like the chaotic water wheels. The people who designed this option could have chosen any one of the standard models.

Update 3: Bah. The relevant reference is in a conference proceeding whose parent domain is dead (probably long dead). I might actually have to use a physical library to determine decisively which system was used. (Jaroslav Stark, one of the authors of the above perspective piece, died several years ago. I could potentially see if his coauthor, who I have never heard of, is reachable. The names of the authors of that conference proceeding are going to defy Google.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

New to the Blogroll: Math with Bad Drawings

On occasion, I have really enjoyed entries from the blog Math with Bad Drawings, and I am now adding it to the blogroll (much later than I should have).

Great Opening Lines from Literature as Written by Mathematicians

I approve of this blog entry!.

(Tip of the cap to MathFeed.)

21-Game Winning Streak!

This year's Cleveland Indians now are alone at the top with an American League record 21-game winning streak that matches the 1935 Chicago Cubs for the second-longest streak since 1900. The Major League record is 26 non-losing games (it included a tie) by the 1916 New York Giants.


Update (9/15/17): The Indians lost today to the Royals. They won yesterday, so their win streak reached 22 games. Wow!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Bee Nailed It

(I saw this Tweet because Sabine Hossenfelder liked it.)

Monday, September 11, 2017

"Lock the Taskbar"

Does he think it's not kosher?

(Tip of the cap to Dave Richeson.)

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Last Will and Temperament

I haven't seen this picture in several years.

I humbly request that, when I am gone, many of these (but with my name, instead of this guy's) be made and installed at appropriate spots all over the world. I may have to put this as a condition in my will.

Also, I want my sign to be grammatically correct.

P.S. The title is an allusion to this skit.

(Tip of the cap to Gabor Vattay.