Friday, February 19, 2010

Now I've seen everything

In my tutorial that finished about 30 minutes ago, a student actually fell asleep while presenting a problem on the white board. He slid gradually down the board, hit his head on and de-attached the part that holds the markers, and proceeded to slide down onto the floor, where it took a couple of minutes to wake him up. (He seems to be alright, by the way. He's currently resting and the plan is to get him a taxi or something to take him home after he's rested up.)

This actually beats the time that Aaron Kuzin fell asleep in Phys 1 and was snoring really loudly for the entire lecture. (The prof was giving him dirty looks the entire lecture and those of us who were sitting near him couldn't stop giggling.)


Zifnab said...

That's scary. Hopefully he's going to see a doctor about it - I'm not an expert but that sounds like something more wrong than just needing sleep badly.

Mason said...

He's supposed to be seen by the nurse, but I don't know if this happened. The thing we did in the first instance is pause the tutorial get the porters over there immediately.

The student ignored advice (to sleep for a while) and ended up going to his next class. I believe the plan was for the nurse to see him after he had a bit of rest.