Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sometimes, I'm very easy to please.

After a bit of an arduous journey---especially the last leg, which had me get lost and turn a 2-block walk to my hotel (complete with lots of luggage) into a 25+ block trek, I was ecstatic to see a location of Peet's right next to my hotel. Woot!

During my "epic" journey, I managed to accidently leave my posters at a bus stop. (I needed a place to sit to look at the .pdf maps I had saved in order to orient myself and see what I was doing with my chaotic spiral around my hotel.) Somebody opened the poster tube while I was gone, and apparently just left it and the posters therein where he/she found it after not seeing anything of apparent value. It's a good thing that whoever this was evidently isn't into either community detection or granular crystals.

Anyway, hello from Portland. I need sleep!

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