Saturday, July 10, 2010


The people who work at the coffee place (near the SJTU campus) where I've been going know me now. They know what I usually order and that I want a receipt (and there is the potential for confusion every time I ask for a receipt at a new place). It's a small thing, but they also gave me a notepad with their name/logo on it when I was leaving today. (I think that one of the girls behind the counter remembered that I was eyeing it curiously one of the times I was in there.) People were also playing Uno today, and seeing the Go set and other games there makes me want to get my Go Moku skills back, go back to trying to learn Go, etc. The place is pretty cool, but I do wish that their coffee drinks had more caffeine in them and that their cold drinks were colder (say, with actual ice in it). Still, I like the place, and I have only seen coffee chains where I can get truly cold drinks or blended coffee drinks in the downtown areas. And the people who work there do seem very nice, even though we can't understand each other. (Maybe that helps? :) )

Also, I bought my first souvenir today (not include the pictures I have taken and my memories, of course). In fact, I don't normally buy souvenirs at all even when I travel to interesting places. I was rather utilitarian, though, as I got a carrying case for my ping pong paddle---which is something I had been meaning to buy for several years. I did consider buying a nice stuffed octopus yesterday, and I will likely buy either a stuffed animal or something artistic at some point. Maybe when I go back to Nanjing Road (which is a ridiculously huge shopping area)?

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