Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Sucks

As of last night, I have some sort of stomach flu or food poisoning (rumors that I am pregnant are likely false) and even sitting up in bed has been a major effort since then. I have now resorted to asking for help with marketing, which is very frustrating and demeaning. Sigh... This is the sickest I have been since I had swine flu in September 2009. I did manage to get coffee at EuroPane and walk right back because I wanted coffee and needed to be outside. (Being cooped up and not able to spend much time doing anything other than lying down is exceptionally frustrating. I can't handle it, and I wish I could at least get work done.) Sigh...

I am trying to figure out what food I can actually hold down (coffee and tea has worked so far), and my best idea at the moment is fruit juice.

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