Sunday, January 30, 2011

Can my Student Break a World Record?

My PhD student Anna Lewis is trying to break a world record. She sets off tomorrow and notes the following:

After various delays, I'm setting off in a rowing boat across the Atlantic tomorrow morning in a crew with 13 other people. We aim to break the world record for fastest row boat across an ocean. You can track how we're getting on, and leave any messages, on

Our row in facts and figures:
Approx number of strokes we will each take: 450,000
Amount of Haribo on board: 50kg
Max amount of consecutive sleep possible: 3.5 hours
Hygiene rations: 10 wetwipes and 2.5 tissues per person per day
Number of plastic cutlasses I am smuggling on board: 2
Number of holes we accidentally made beneath the water line: 1
Number of potential pairwise personality clashes: 91
Number completed ocean rows: 287
Number incompleted ocean rows: 168
Captain's description of starting weather conditions: ideal
Captain's definition of "ideal" weather conditions: 30 knot winds and >5m waves
What I am most worried about: using the loo bucket

One of my friends was recently diagnosed with MS, and she is part of my inspiration for signing on to this challenge. I have set up a just giving page for the MS Society: Thanks so
much to all of you who have made donations, it means a lot to me, and it is a great cause.

Thanks so much for all the well wishes and support, I very much looking
forward to seeing everyone back on dry land!

Good luck, Anna!

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