Sunday, May 15, 2011


I just joined a Planescape campaign. Well, it uses the Planescape world, but it uses the Fate system and 'fudge' dice. I am happy to play with an easy mechanical system in a world that I love.

I am a bariaur, "wanderer" (Ranger is the closest class equivalent, if one wants to think in such terms), member of the Sign of One faction (the ones who believe that they are the centers of the universe and everyone else is just a figment of their imagination), and a psionic wild talent with metacreation. Oh, and I'm also chaotic neutral. :)

This character won't cause any trouble at all. I swear...


Anonymous said...

Chaotic neutral is always the most fun alignment.

Lemming said...

Sign of One faction? How do you get people to agree on something like that?

Person 1: "I'm the center of the universe."

Person 2: "You're right! I am the center of the universe!"

Anonymous said...

The signers always make me think of Dresden Codak's Dungeons and Discourse:

Mason said...

I'm the only Signer in the party (of which I am aware).

Also, in terms of it being a "faction", it's more or less just a collection of like-minded individuals.