Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"Mathematical Genealogy and Department Prestige"

Here is my latest winning entry in Chaos's Nonlinear Science Gallery. It's also apparently my final one, as (sadly) the competition has been discontinued.

My coauthors on this paper are Sean Myers and Peter Mucha.

Also, I'd like to give a special shout out to Chaos staff member Janis Bennett, who is retiring in a couple of days and with whom I have corresponded about numerous of my papers since I submitted my first paper to Chaos in 1999. That paper was the first scientific paper that I ever published (the final version came out in 2000). [Previously, I had submitted a paper from my undergraduate research to a couple of places, but it got rejected.] People like Janis, who need to put up with people like me, don't get enough credit for their hard work.

(Several means something like a dozen, by the way.)


Jon said...

I am a little concerned about your knowledge of California geography given the placement of the institutions there.

Mason said...

Jon: Those are "geographically-inspired" coordinates---not "geographic" coordinates. We fiddled with the locations to improve readability.

Jon said...

sorry. forgot to add the :). it was never a strong point of mine to be crystal clear about humor. i thought the exaggeration of california was especially funny since you are from LA.

Mason said...

It was convenient.