Monday, April 02, 2012

Inflatable Star Trek Captain's Chair

Clearly, Somerville needs to buy an Inflatable Star Trek Captain's Chair for its Senior Common Room. Is anybody with me?

And if nothing else, I wouldn't mind owning one of these.

(Tip of the cap to Alex Cayco-Gajic. Well, sort of---it was posted on her Facebook wall by one of her friends.)


Zifnab said...

It's a bit small; max weight 120 lbs? Still, it would be awesome - I think my solution might be to just try and build a real one. :)

Mason said...

I noticed that too. Maybe we should just get this one as a gift for Tycho. Or I could get one for my sister's kid? I'm sure she'll be ecstatic if her daughter starts showing geeky tendencies. I didn't pay attention to the minimum age, though.