Friday, June 29, 2012

What Happens in Orlando Stays in Orlando

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be flying to Orlando to take part in a conference on differential equations and dynamical systems. I went to the 2000 iteration of this conference but this is my first one since then. It is a math conference with both pure and applied parts of those two areas represented. Orlando is going to be 95 degrees and humid the entire time I am there, so I'll basically just stay indoors and blast the air con. (Scheduling a conference for Florida for the first week of July is a rather strange choice.)

A couple of Techers from my era (including one of my CS 1 TAs!) are attending the conference, and I am going to hang out with a different Techer (Ben Williamson) who lives in Florida and who I haven't seen since 2007. Also, this is my first trip to Orlando since 2004.

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