Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Headline: Math Professor Strips Naked and is Escorted to the Hospital by Police

Greg Fricke posted this article on my timeline about a Michigan State University mathematics professor who stripped naked in class and started cussing madly.

Greg used this text with the post: I'm comforted by the knowledge that, when you go crazy, you at least will not strip naked (and the profanity laced rants will certainly be much more creative and snarky).

Notice the use of the word "when" rather than "if". When he posted that on my timeline, the first thing I did was open up the article and see if the dude is somebody I know (he isn't).

Clearly, I am a ticking time bomb. (And also a GOLDEN GOD!!!!) And, yes, if I ever truly go off the deep end, I definitely plan to keep my clothes on.


Justin said...

Are you saying you're just one lab accident away from being a supervillain? :-)

Mason said...

Perhaps 2.