Monday, January 21, 2013

Tales from the ArXiv: Statistical Physicists Conclude that Love is Universal

Here is a new paper about love.

Title: A model about love in human dynamics

Authors: Bin Zhou, Shujia Qin, Xiao-Pu Han, Bing-Hong Wang

Abstract: Human-initiated systems are the most complex systems. From now on, many people have done lots of works which are mostly centralized in time and space aspect in human dynamics, but relative to the cognizance which we have known, there must be underlying mechanisms about human society behavior that have not yet been discovered. We should research human society behavior form more other aspect to get more deeply and externally truth. In this letter, we propose a love model from a completely new angle to explain the love question between males and females in human society behavior. First, we establish the dynamics mechanism about the love model and get the exact analytical result about our love model, we compare the simulative results with the analytical predictions and find they completely coincide with each other, therefore, the analytical results can absolutely express the rule of our love model. Second, in several different conditions, we get the approximative and compact results which almost agreement with the simulative results, hence, the approximative results is dependable. Finally, we collect the experimental date by the network and compare it with the simulative results, and we can find, when the model parameter is given a specifical value, that the experimental evidence corresponds with the simulative results. This explains the love question which is universal existent between the male and female in reality and indicate the correctness and practicality of our love model in a certain extent.

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