Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long Live the Billiard Simulator!

How exciting! It turns out that this bit of Matlab software --- a simulator for billiard systems along with a graphical user interface --- that my Georgia Tech student Steven Lansel wrote in 2003-04 as part of his undergraduate research project (with Leonid Bunimovich and me) and that my Caltech undergrad student Kris Kazlowski then updated somewhat in 2006 is still being used as a tool for teaching and producing nice graphics in 2013! That is just sweet! The last update of any kind to the software dates to December 2007. (That was an update to get things to work on the then-latest version of Matlab, although we also included code for a couple of new billiard tables from Kris's 2006 summer research project.) This is excellent!

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