Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Technology Translation

So.... can anybody translate what a funding agency means when they write "Describe the empowerment of new and high-potential actors towards future technological leadership."

Seriously, WTF. I read that, and my mind just goes "[tech] [tech] [tech] [tech] [tech] [tech] [tech]" like in the script for a sci-fi movie.

I had a ton of problems with just the buzzword version of the word "disruptive", which seems like child's play compared to the sentence above.


Justin said...

I would interpret that as being a buzzwordy way of saying "talk about teaching bright young science/engineering students". If that makes any sense in the context of your grant proposal; if not, beats me!

If you decide this proposal isn't worth your time anymore, might I suggest going Sokal on their asses and trying to out-buzzword them? :-D

Mason said...

I asked one of my colleagues who speakings Funding Buzzwords, and he indicated something different (pertaining to stakeholders and whatnot).

This proposal is going to get submitted. :)