Friday, June 23, 2017

What Happens in Oxford Stays in Oxford

I arrived in Oxford on Wednesday for my yearly visit this year. (I plan visits for the next couple of years as well.) I'll be giving a talk tomorrow at the Somerville Maths Reunion and will also be going to the Principal's Farewell Gaudy (which covers matriculation years "after"—which perhaps actually means "since"?—2007). Several of my former Somerville undergrads will be at the math reunion, and a significantly larger number of them will be at the gaudy, so I'll get to see lots of my former students tomorrow! Sweet!

While I am based in Oxford for a bit, I'll spend a couple days in London as part of the Mathematics for the Modern Economy workshop (where I will also be giving a talk), will spend a weekend visiting friends in Newcastle, and will head to Nottingham for a day for a collaboration that is just starting up.

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