Wednesday, July 05, 2017

"Mean-Field Approach to Evolving Spatial Networks, with an Application to Osteocyte Network Formation"

One of my papers came out in final form today. Here are the details.

Title: Mean-Field Approach to Evolving Spatial Networks, with an Application to Osteocyte Network Formation

Authors: Jake P. Taylor-King, David Basanta, S. Jonathan Chapman, and Mason A. Porter

Abstract: We consider evolving networks in which each node can have various associated properties (a state) in addition to those that arise from network structure. For example, each node can have a spatial location and a velocity, or it can have some more abstract internal property that describes something like a social trait. Edges between nodes are created and destroyed, and new nodes enter the system.We introduce a "local state degree distribution" (LSDD) as the degree distribution at a particular point in state space. We then make a mean-field assumption and thereby derive an integro-partial differential equation that is satisfied by the LSDD. We perform numerical experiments and find good agreement between solutions of the integro-differential equation and the LSDD from stochastic simulations of the full model. To illustrate our theory, we apply it to a simple model for osteocyte network formation within bones, with a view to understanding changes that may take place during cancer. Our results suggest that increased rates of differentiation lead to higher densities of osteocytes, but with a smaller number of dendrites. To help provide biological context, we also include an introduction to osteocytes, the formation of osteocyte networks, and the role of osteocytes in bone metastasis.

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