Monday, December 07, 2009

New Caltech Prank at MIT

There was recently a new Caltech prank at MIT, which wasn't particularly successful, according to an MIT student publication. Words from Caltech people suggest a somewhat higher level of success. We shall see.


Jon said...

I think my favorite part of the article is:

"I caught up with a few Caltech girls ..."

what an excellent piece of PR for Caltech!

Mason said...

Among the reasons I suspect that this article is fairly accurate in the prank not turning out well is that Caltech's PR department seems not to have bothered with a story. On previous occasions, pranks that were done at MIT have always included some subsequent Caltech press.

GFreak said...

As I walked around MIT's campus last month, I couldn't help thinking about pranking something, but alas I lack on-the-spot creativity and ingenuity. If I had planned something in advance.... oh well, another time.

Mason said...

Years ago in grad school, I discussed with a fellow Caltech alum who overlapped with me at Cornell about the idea of taking a road trip up to MIT to do something along with local alums. He broached the idea, and I greatly approved of it. Alas, we never actually did anything. (Naturally, I was quite pleased when the 2005 prank kicked up a bit of a rivalry.)