Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"What, American and quiet?" (aka: unintentionally "awesome" exchange of the day)

I went to G & D's somewhat under an hour ago to unwind a bit from some very long and stressful days of interviewing and debriefing. (Actually, I'll be helping with some interviews for prospective Ph.D. students tomorrow, so it's not like I'm entirely out of the woods...)

I ordered raspberry sorbet with hot fudge. The guy behind the counter, who had taken my order before, apparently only just noticed my American accent today and remarked about that and that he hadn't noticed it because of how "quiet" I am. (I suppose the "quiet" pertains to my not striking up conversation with the people who work behind the counter as opposed to any inherent properties that I might have? Although I'm exceptionally shy and often asocial, I don't think that "quiet" is a good description for me.)

Then as he walked off to get my stuff, he remarked: "That's a good combination."

I completely misinterpreted what he meant, and said (in all innocence, and in particular without any attempt at sarcasm or snarkiness whatsoever!): "What, American and quiet?"

Him: "No, raspberry and chocolate."

Me: "Oh."

Then the conversation continued along more normal lines between server and servee. (I know, I know: "servee" isn't a word, but it damn well should be.) He liked the fact that my accent was strong, and I really hope it remains so!

Now that's an exchange that I would call "awesome" (with quotes, of course).

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Lemming said...

Heh. That gave me a good chuckle.