Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Television Update

The tv Amazon shipped to me was severely broken, so I sent it back. (It's like somebody had been jumping up and down on it. It had a 1.5 foot crack.)

The replacement tv they sent to me was even more severely broken than the first one, so that is slated to get picked up today to be sent back.

Given that both of these televisions were severely broken, Amazon has assumed that something is afoot in their warehouse and won't be sending a replacement. Instead, the order has been cancelled and I am supposed to be refunded once both broken televisions have arrived safely in their nest.

Last night I tried ordering the tv directly from Panasonic. This would cost quite a bit more, but at least it would be shipped properly (and Panasonic has a warehouse just .6 miles away from Somerville) and I'd have a 5-year protection warranty along with it. I decided I'd rather just cough up the extra money and have things set up. Unfortunately, they are out of stock of this model, the replacement for which will be available for me starting only in March. I leave town for 5-6 weeks on March 14th, so it looks like I'll have my television only at the end of April.

I guess my birthday gift to myself is going to have to arrive about 2.5-3 months late.

Update (2/02/11): Oh, screw this. I am trying this again.

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