Friday, April 01, 2011

I Pay Attention to Details

One of my PhD students just wrote me an e-mail and mentioned, I was thinking of last time [with] someone knocking on the door of your office while you were listening to music (the door was open), and you didn't notice him until I sent you an email saying "there is someone behind
you at your office".

This comment was in response to my desiring a loud knock on my door rather than an e-mail if a fire breaks out at the hotel where this person and I are both staying. [My fire alarm apparently doesn't work. An e-mail warning was then promised when I mentioned this, so I requested a loud knock on my door instead.]

And have I ever told you about the time at Caltech that someone was juggling knives over my head while I was playing Mario Kart and I had no idea that that was happening...? (I did, however, hear him say something about people not paying attention to their surroundings---but I didn't think much of the comment until I found out later about the knives.)

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