Friday, July 08, 2011

RIP Dick Williams (1929-2011)

Fall of Fame manager Dick Williams died on Thursday. The ESPN article to which I have linked goes through his whole career, but I remember him best as a manager for the San Diego Padres---and, in particular, for this sound bite. The comment that comes after the sound bite is something like "it was the fat little Italian."

In that particular incident, Williams was stating that Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda had ordered pitcher Tom Neidenfuer to plunk some Padre batters on purpose. Tommy Lasorda's response to that accusation is is one of the all-time classics. Here is another small part of the same tirade. I wish I could find the entire audio clip.

Dick Williams was also responsible for this short-but-sweet gem, which I believe might be part of his full comment about blaming Lasorda (though I'm not entirely sure about whether this one is from the same incident).

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