Sunday, July 31, 2011


I wish people would stop using the term "exclusive" as if it were a good thing. I'm not sure whether to "grrrrrr" or "sighhhh" ( ... he says from his perch at Oxford).


Lemming said...

I'm not sure which modern usage you're referring to --- the way a club might be exclusive, or the way a relationship might be.

Mason said...

Indeed, I need to disambiguate.

I mean the way a club or neighborhood might be exclusive and the fact that many people use "exclusive" as an adjective in a positive light when referring to such things.

Relationships can quite properly be exclusive! :)

Lemming said...


I suspected, but it's more that I read it the wrong way first (the way I more often here the word used), and it took me a little to get my head straight.