Thursday, May 03, 2012

The "Atlas of True Names"

As this blog entry points out, the Atlas of True Names is awesome.

Imagine if places had names based on their original meaning---names like Land of the Red People, United States of the Home Ruler, Sibling Love, Virgin's Land, City of Many Fish, Island by a Strait, Cape of Strangers, Fire Cleared Land, Currentown, Land of Calves, Land of 40 Tribes, River that Flows into the Sand, Minor Farm, Long Beach (oh wait...), Meeting Place, Bay by the Stranger's Fort, and Land of the Rebellious One. Wouldn't that be great?

(Tip of the cap to Ernie Barreto, though I technically saw this through his comment on a post by Bert Vaux, who was giving a hat tip to Ernie.)

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