Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Its Chief Law is Increase of Entropy... Just Increase of Entropy

It's now May 10th in my time zone, so here goes [and in honor of today's Statistical Mechanics consultation session]...

NOBODY expects Thermodynamics! Its chief law is increase of entropy...increase of entropy and transitivity of thermal equilibrium...thermal equilibrium transitivity and entropy increase.... Its two laws are transitivity of thermal equilibrium and increase of entropy...and conservation of energy.... Its three laws are thermal equilibrium transitivity, entropy increase, and energy conservation...and the fact that entropy approaches a constant value at a temperature of absolute zero.... Its Amongst its laws.... Amongst its laws...are such elements as transitivity of thermal equilibrium, increase of entropy.... I'll come in again.

(Bows and exits)

Today --- by which I , of course, mean after I wake up --- I am running a consultation session for my Statistical Mechanics course, so I figured that this would be an appropriate way to celebrate International Monty Python Day. (Yes, this is mostly redundant, but I'll just go with it.)

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