Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dodgers Acquire Shane Victorino

It looks like the deal for Shane Victorino is now official. This improves the Dodgers outfield, though this deal is obviously far less exciting than the deal for Hanley Ramirez. (Also, Victorino doesn't seem to be the player that he used to be, though this does improve our lineup a bit more.) He actually started out in the Dodger organization.

The article to which I linked above summarizes the other Dodger moves. For example, yesterday we acquired reliever Brandon League from the Mariners. Apparently, Ryan Dempster might well join us soon as well (though Dempster's recent shenanigans regarding purported trades to the Dodgers and then to the Braves were pretty obnoxious).


Zifnab said...

I have two things to say about this trade:

1. Darn, why couldn't they wait til after the Nats played the Phillies in this three game set? Oh right, trade deadlines. Still, Phillies just gutted two of their excellent hitters from the order just before playing the Nats. Granted, the Braves still swept em when they had the two, but it might have helped!

2. Yay Dodgers! Although I found it amusing that the Phillies also traded Hunter Pence to SF, so the combined deals probably keep the NL West more balanced than it otherwise would appear.

Mason said...

Yeah, (1) is completely because of the trade deadline. Victorino has actually been far from excellent this year, though clearly he is a big improvement over who we have been putting into leftfield. :) And it's certainly true that these two trades basically balance each other. The Dodgers lineup certainly has improved a lot recently!