Friday, July 13, 2012

Tales from the ArXiv: Synchronization of Douchebags

Well, technically the paper is called Geometry of Deadbeat Synchronization.

The abstract is as follows: Deadbeat synchronization of identical discrete-time nonlinear systems is studied from a geometric point of view. An array of deadbeat observers coupled via a deadbeat interconnection is shown to achieve synchronization in finite number of steps provided that a compatibility condition is satisfied between the observer and the interconnection. As an illustration to the theory, an example is provided where an array of third order observers achieves deadbeat synchronization.

My favorite phrase in this paper is that a sentence starts with "An array of deadbeat observers". How awesome is that! (The term doesn't mean what the author thinks it means...)

Note: I will resist the large temptation to make fun of certain parts of the United States. :)

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