Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The 20 "Most Influential" Scientists

Well, I'm not sure I actually agree with this list of the 20 most influential living scientists, but I will point out that 2 of them are in the same department as I am (University of Oxford's Mathematical Institute), and---if I not mistaken---not even a single person on this list is at Cambridge (aka, The Other Place). Booyah!

(Tip of the cap to whoever does Facebook posts for the American Mathematical Society.)

Update: In addition to what Justin has pointed out in the comments, Milana Gitaric reminds me that Stephen Hawking is at Cambridge. Well, he is easy to overlook. :)


Justin said...

Not sure how long ago that was published - Sandage died in 2010.

Mason said...

Good question. I had assumed it was recent because the AMS posted it on Facebook. (I forgot to include the hat tip.) I didn't bother looking such things up. :)