Monday, November 05, 2012

What Happens at the PLEXMATH Kickoff Meeting Stays at the PLEXMATH Kickoff Meeting

Miraculously, my visa renewal and passport arrived just in time for me to buy last-minute tickets to Spain for the PLEXMATH kickoff meeting in Tarragona. (I am flying into Barcelona and then taking ground transportation.) The itinerary is slightly convoluted and more expensive than is ideal, but that is what happens when buying plane tickets at the last minute, but it's great to actually be able to attend the kickoff meeting for our big grant. (I had long since assumed there was no chance I could attend, so this is awesome!)

Eventually, we will put some genuine content on the project's website. My project partners on this grant are Alex Arenas, Marc Barthelemy, James Gleeson, and Yamir Moreno.


Jon said...

the website leaves a bit to be desired.

Mason said...

Jon, I think my comment was pretty clear on the fact that it doesn't currently have any genuine content. I meant that pretty literally, as you saw.

We should have already done this, but now that we have the kickoff meeting, I imagine it will happen soon.

Jon said...

I should have used some sort of or something. I am used to seeing academic collaboration websites that are under construction, but at least have a link to something or a title. I guess I found the lack of information 'remarkable'. Maybe it was in reaction to your use of the term 'genuine content' and my assumption that there was some 'content' there. Anyhow, I am being ridiculous.

Mason said...

I said there was no "genuine content" because there literally is no genuine content. I used that precise phrasing on purpose.