Friday, November 29, 2013

Mason Porter: International Man of Mystery

Apparently, the French bureaucracy uses the word "mission" for things like my trip to Paris to give a seminar on my research.

"I'm sending you in attachment 2 documents that you should fill in to open your mission for the visit..." (...) "The policy here requires to ask you to please purchase your travel ticket(s), for which you will be refunded at the end of the mission..."

That's me, alright: Mason Porter, International Man of Mystery (formerly "International Phenomenon").

(I am accepting this mission, of course! Indeed, I am very much looking forward to it.)


ChaosBook said...

sorry, I do not know where to put this in the blog (and Fyesbook gets on my nerves, so in case you have not read this; here is a link:

Mason said...

Kleinberg does excellent work, though this particular result is essentially a confirmation of something that makes sense intuitively. (It's still good to do that, of course.)