Monday, June 16, 2014

RIP Tony Gwynn (1960–2014)

Today we have lost a baseball legend: batsman extraordinaire Tony Gwynn has died. Gwynn was way too young (and I have been writing way too many obituary blog entries lately, because too many people that I consider iconic or are connected to in some way have died). He was a fantastic hitter. He was also a class act.

Update: Jayson Stark put some of Gywnn's hitting achievements into perspective.

Update 2: At the bottom of this article by Jayson Stark, we can note additional amazing batting feats by Tony Gwynn. The comparisons between Gwynn and Adam Dunn are interesting when looking at strikeouts. Take a look at Gwynn's stats to see how little he struck out, and compare that to what the game is currently like. Just soak it in.

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