Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cooking Hornets

Wow, now this is pretty impressive: the bees in a colony attacked by a hornet bum-rushed the hornet and vibrated their wings to raise the temperature and cook the hornet alive. (These bees can tolerate higher temperatures than the hornet.)


Justin said...

The Oatmeal covered this a while back:

Keep up on your webcomics, man! :-D

Mason said...

It's true that I am not up on my webcomics. The text in my link corresponds rather closely to that in the webcomic, so I think the writer of that piece is up on them...

The temperature that the Japanese honeybees can withstand does seem to have been downgraded a bit, however. (The one in the Oatmeal --- which provides a bit larger gap --- seems a bit more plausible to me, given the presumed noise across individuals.)