Thursday, January 29, 2015

Awesome Maps!

This webpage has some really sweet maps. The US fails (epically) on the map showing which countries have not adopted the metric system and on the map of paid maternal leave. Another depressing US map is the one that depicts the highest paid public employees in each state.

My favorites include the 22 countries that Great Britain has not invaded and the most common surnames in Europe by country. The map of timezones in Antarctica is also pretty amusing. :) And the map of all earthquakes since 1898 is simply fascinating. And perhaps my #1 favorite in this collection is the map of the flow of rubber duckies, which I suppose we're allowed to assume are passive scalars? The map of the literal translation of Chinese names for places is also highly amusing.

Naturally, this collection of maps reminds me of Katy Börner's science maps.

(Tip of the cap to Maria Satterwhite.)

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