Sunday, January 10, 2016

RIP David Bowie (1947–2016)

Today, we lost a music legend: David Bowie has died of cancer. His last album was released three days ago (last Friday, on his 69th birthday).

There are numerous excellent David Bowie songs --- so much good (and very innovative) music! RIP.

Update: There is more detail in the BBC obituary. Here is the CNN obituary.

Update: As discussed in this article in The Telegraph, the timing of the release of David Bowie's final album last Friday was as a 'parting gift' to his fans. And the video for "Blackstar", which completes the saga both of Major Tom and of David Bowie, is chilling (especially in the context that it has turned out to have).

Update (1/12/16): Also look at these final pictures of David Bowie from last Friday. Amazing!

Update (1/12/16): I should have mentioned the following for those of you who don't already know: In addition to my really liking quite a lot of David Bowie's songs, Bowie exerted a major influence on so many of my favorite artists. The music to which I listen every day, and which gives me a great deal of pleasure, owes a Hell of a lot to David Bowie.

Update (1/13/16): Also see this small collection of tributes. Also don't forget this video (which was first posted in 2013, though is appropriate now more than ever).

Update (1/16/16): Here is visualization of many prominent musical artists and others who were influenced by David Bowie. (Tip of the cap to Duran Duran's post on Facebook.)

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