Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Meeting Chatchkes

I was pretty selective about chatchkes, but here is the stuff I have gotten so far –– most of them are appropriately GSNP-themed. GSNP is the Group on Statistical and Nonlinear Physics, which is my main home in this community. (I did get roped into signing up for the Soft Matter group, and then I was given appropriately granular mints.)

The rattleback was my reward for the Plinko game. It was what I wanted; there were multiple possible chatchkes that one could get, but the game was less random than a good Plinko construction would have been.

The coolest chatchke by far is the hot-pack/cold-pack, which is also appropriately granular (and which I think can be appropriated for many other uses in addition to the intended ones).

By the way: I plan to use everything in this picture, with the possible exception of the brain.

At registration, everybody received a keychain with a small bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer (because of the scientific reputation for hygiene).

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