Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Fool's Day Round-Up

Let's start with this new paper on the arXiv. And also this one. Also this one. (Tip of the cap to Guido Caldarelli for the third one.) Also this paper and this one.

Here is something about Brexit from The Guardian. (Tip of the cap to Dominic Vella.)

Here is a collaboration between Mark Zuckerberg and H&M. (Tip of the cap to Ravi Montenegro.)

Google had some issues with its Gmail joke this year.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, Stanford University's admissions rate has plummeted to 0%. (Tip of the cap to Carlos Castillo Chavez.) This one is great!

I assume that this article about an SUV chase in which the SUV ultimately takes out a fighter jet is a fake.

The country of Estonia is now going to run an OS for other countries. (Tip of the cap to Guillermo Valle PĂ©rez.)

CERN also got into the act with a musical number that missed a perfect rickrolling opportunity. Techers should consider themselves suitably warned, and I got caught offguard by this one.

George Takei posted a prank on his Facebook page about a new sitcom costarring Cloris Leachman and him.

Here is's round-up of today's pranks.

National Geographic announced that they would stop publishing nude animal photos. (Tip of the cap to Karen Kustedjo.)

Also, the New York Times crossword puzzles are ending.

And then there is the video advertisement for all-new Quilted Northern "Rustic Weave" toilet paper, which is hilarious. (Tip of the cap to Aaron Clements.)

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