Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hannah Fry: Mathematician, Science Presenter, and All Around Badass

Hannah Fry, who I describe in this entry's title by adopting her apt description on the top of her website, does some very interesting research in complex systems and is absolutely spectacular at outreach and public engagement. Here is a new Guardian article about it (including recent and upcoming things).

I've invited Hannah over to Oxford a couple of times (an IAM seminar and a workshop I organized) to talk about the more traditional scientific end of her work. We've also had her over once (that I know of) for an outreach talk.

If you haven't encountered Hannah's stuff before (and probably even if you have), you should go and take a look at the Guardian article. She does a lot of very cool stuff.

(Tip of the cap to Jennifer Ouellette for her tweet.)

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