Sunday, June 26, 2016

We All Fall Down

So unlike the actual vote (I don't get one), this petition for a 2nd referendum I am apparently actually allowed to sign. So here it is.

As much as self-inflicted economic suicide (and deciding to do that on account of xenophobia and nationalism, no less) and giving us a run for our money — and currently ahead of us, by the way, which is a rather "impressive" accomplishment! — in the world stupidity-contest amuses me in some perverse way (especially in my darker moments), because that's just how my sense of humor tends to work, that's really not a good idea for any of us and ought to be reserved for fantasy, science-fiction, and the like. (Here is the wikipedia entry for the Brexit referendum, in case you want to look it up.)

Mood music by Ultravox. (Warning: It is very dark, though the song is awesome.)

Thanks to my colleague Fiona Stafford for forwarding me a link to the petition, along with a very useful explanatory e-mail (from somebody who contacted her) that indicated that I am indeed eligible to sign it as a UK resident.

Update: Wow, and then there is delicious irony. (Tip of the cap to Sam Cohen.)

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