Friday, September 09, 2016

I Moved the Sheriff (But I Didn't Move the Depute)

Today I tried the game Colt Express. Gratuitous "I shot the sheriff." jokes are an integral part of this game.

This game is fun. One can induce a bit of Robot Turtles-style 'off by one' screwage of one's opponents. And other screwage.

Although we didn't get to play with it, one of the Thirsty Meeples employees told us about this sweet expansion.

Colt Express is pretty simple to learn and is fun — and appropriate players can add the right type of humor — so it has my recommendation.


Justin said...

Looks interesting!

Bang! is also perfect for "I shot the Sheriff" jokes. Typically people also shoot the Deputy/Deputies. The Renegade has to at some point; Outlaws often do if they're out of range of the Sheriff at the time.

Mason said...

I've played "Bang!" before. It was enjoyable, but I like this game a lot better — and, indeed, those jokes were rather prevalent when I played "Bang!".