Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Direct Measurement of Superdiffusive Energy Transport in Disordered Granular Chains"

Our paper in which we — after many years of effort — showed strongly nonlinear Anderson phenomena in experiments is finally out in published form!

Here are some details.

Title: Direct Measurement of Superdiffusive Energy Transport in Disordered Granular Chains

Authors: Eunho Kim, Alejandro J. Martínez, Sean E. Phenisee, Panayotis G. Kevrekidis, Mason A. Porter, and Jinkyu Yang

Teaser: Wave propagation is often nonlinear in character, yet the interplay between disorder and nonlinearity remains elusive. Kim et al. use experiments and corroborating numerical simulations to investigate this phenomenon and demonstrate superdiffusive energy transport in disordered granular chains.

Abstract: Energy transport properties in heterogeneous materials have attracted scientific interest for more than half of a century, and they continue to offer fundamental and rich questions. One of the outstanding challenges is to extend Anderson theory for uncorrelated and fully disordered lattices in condensed-matter systems to physical settings in which additional effects compete with disorder. Here we present the first systematic experimental study of energy transport and localization properties in simultaneously disordered and nonlinear granular crystals. In line with prior theoretical studies, we observe in our experiments that disorder and nonlinearity—which individually favor energy localization—can effectively cancel each other out, resulting in the destruction of wave localization. We also show that the combined effect of disorder and nonlinearity can enable manipulation of energy transport speed in granular crystals. Specifically, we experimentally demonstrate superdiffusive transport. Furthermore, our numerical computations suggest that subdiffusive transport should be attainable by controlling the strength of the system’s external precompression force.

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