Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Tales from the ArXiv: "The Random Walk of Cars and Their Collision Probabilities with Planets"

Well, the title of this paper pretty much says it all.

However, there are also some choice quotes in the paper. For example, I really like this deadpan sentence: We now turn to the long-term dynamical evolution for which we integrate 240 realizations of the Tesla for 3.5 Myr into the future.

The final part of the abstract is also nice: By running a large ensemble of simulations with slightly perturbed initial conditions, we estimate the probability of a collision with Earth and Venus over the next one million years to be 6% and 2.5%, respectively. We estimate the dynamical lifetime of the Tesla to be a few tens of millions of years. (I guess the simulation of 3.5 million years wasn't long enough.)

(Tip of the cap to Predrag Cvitanovic.)

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