Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lemon Sorbet + SPRINKLES = Win!

Sometimes the simple things in life really help make things feel right in the world---I just came back from G & D's; they have lemon sorbet right now (I don't think I've ever seen them have that before), so I ordered lemon sorbet with SPRINKLES, which is what I always used to get at Häagen Dazs as a kid.

This, in fact, is one of my good memories from childhood, and I hadn't thought about it for many years until this evening. My mother would sometimes take me to a particular location (gone for well over a decade, I think) of Häagen Dazs in Beverly Hills, and I would order a waffle cone with lemon sorbet and rainbow sprinkles. [As for the most important thing that makes things feel right in the world, that is and always will be my spending quality time with good friends. Maybe second place goes to the beginning of the baseball season the first time I get to hear Vin Scully announce a baseball game in the new year?]

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