Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Blog Format

(1) Let me know what you think of the new format.

(2) Please give me suggestions for additional changes, given that I am thinking about this now.


Lemming said...

(1) Turn and face the strain?
(I read over RSS, so all the cosmetics are lost in the wash.)


Mason said...

Lemming: I don't understand either comment. (I understand the parenthetical comment about RSS but not the comment before that.) Please elaborate.

Zifnab said...

The sub-heading paragraph is a wall of text doom - I liked it better as a sidebar. Each entry has a gazillion widgets and things to press, how do I get to the comments? (Ok, so it was easy to figure out, but still. :)

What are the reactions voting for? I can't figure out if I should vote yea or nay on the part 2 of photoblog post. I guess I should click abstain, but if I do that I'm not really abstaining from voting...

Lemming said...

First, I was quoting Bowie, without any real relevance to the words beyond the song title.

Second, I was just trying to get you to stand on your chair. This is dinner, and it's hard to hear over all of the racket.

Lemming said...

More seriously though, I like the new colors, but I have to agree with Zif -- the text at the top and the sheer number of buttons are a little overwhelming.

Mason said...

The text at the bottom was the same text as before. I actually do like it on top, but I've now shortened it, so that it's one line. That should make it better.

I removed the explicit quick-editing and quick-emailing options. (I assume you see the latter but not the former.)

I have also adjusted the 'reaction' thing slightly. That was one of the features I particularly wanted because I figured some people might give feedback without giving full comments. (Though if I end up seeing lots of 'nays' and few 'yeas' then I'm going to go with the only positive routine because I would find that very demoralizing.)

The other things I really wanted were to change the layout just because it was time for a change and also to adjust/add some of the things on the sidebar.