Monday, November 22, 2010

Joey Votto wins National League Most Valuable Player Award

Joey Votto has won the National League Most Valuable Player Award. This was not a surprise and is also the correct decision. Albert Pujols finished second, which is also a good call.

In going to Google News to find an article that lists the full rank ordering, I was highly amused by what I found for the article on MSNBC. The headline for the article reads "Reds' Votto wins NL MVP in a landslide", but the link on Google News (and, I assume, a preliminary version of the article from before the award results were announced) instead reads "Reds' Votto edges Pujols for NL MVP". And in related news, Dewey beat Truman. I'm amused.

I will post a link to the full rank ordering as soon as I can bloody find one... Grrr... I'll go get some work done first. The e-mails keep coming.

Update: OK, here is the full rank ordering. I should have known to go directly to the BBWAA's web site, but it still shouldn't have been this hard to find!

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