Thursday, November 18, 2010

King Felix wins American League Cy Young Award

Yes! The Cy Young award voters really do seem to be genuinely more intelligent than they used to be! After Zach Greinke and Tim Lincecum (correctly) won Cy Young awards in 2009 despite the presence of pitchers with gaudier win-loss records, Felix Hernandez of the Mariners has done the same in the American League this year. King Felx only had a 13-12 record, but that was through no fault of his own, as he was the best pitcher in the American League this season. I approve!

You can fine the full rankings on this web page (though notice the messed-up url, given that this is the 2010 ranking---I wonder if that will be changed...).

I didn't mention this for the National League Cy Young ranking (because I hadn't realized it), but starting in 2010, voters could give their top 5 pitchers instead of their top 3. In some circles, this is informally known as "the Keith Law rule".

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