Saturday, November 27, 2010


Tonight I had Thanksgiving with 4 of my friends. I was the only person from the US there, but of course the point was to invite the people I wanted to invite. I hosted, one of my friends cooked, and I helped with shopping and setting things up. We played some Trivial Pursuit and Time's Up. I found out tonight that my version of Time's Up has The Ride, and my heart start beating more rapidly whenever it was hummed (even the first time, in which it was hummed poorly ... I knew it was The Ride and not something else because my heartbeat had accelerated!). Because it was a special occasion, I used Ms. Pac-Man napkins that I had purchased at Toys 'R Us when I was 5 years old. (Well, I asked my mother to buy them and she did.) These napkins are older than one of the friends who was at my place tonight. Also, this is the first time ever that anywhere I have lived (aside from my parents' house, of course) has hosted a proper dinner. I even almost set the table correctly (I put the spoons in the wrong place) and alternated my styles of cutlery between adjacent seats. Anyway, it was rather fun!

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