Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Play Ball!

Opening Day for the 2011 Major League Baseball season is tomorrow (March 31st) --- as opposed to Tomorrow --- and I'll be watching the Dodgers-Giants game. Kershaw versus Lincecum: Hell yes!

Anyway, here are some predictions for the 2011 seasons. Let's see if I fail as spectacular in my prognostications as I have in the past.

National League

National League West: Giants, Dodgers, Rockies, Padres, Diamondbacks

National League Central: Brewers, Reds, Cubs, Cardinals, Astros, Pirates

National League East: Phillies, Braves, Marlins, Nationals, Mets

Wild Card: Braves

NLCS: Phillies versus Brewers [Phillies win 4-1; Roy Halladay gets LCS MVP]

MVP: Ryan Braun

Cy Young Award: Roy Halladay [Tim Lincecum is my top non-Phillie]

Rookie of the Year: Brandon Belt

Manager of the Year: Ron Roenicke

Comeback Player of the Year: Matt Kemp

Team on the rise: Milwaukee Brewers

Team on the decline: St. Louis Cardinals

American League

American League West: Athletics, Rangers, Angels, Mariners

American League Central: Twins, White Sox, Tigers, Indians, Royals

American League East: Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, Rays, Orioles

Wild Card: Yankees

ALCS: Athletics versus Red Sox (Athletics win 4-3; ALCS MVP is Josh Willingham)

MVP: Adrian Gonzalez

Cy Young Award: CC Sabathia

Rookie of the Year: Mike Moustakas

Manager of the Year: Bob Geren

Comeback Player of the Year: Manny Ramirez

Team on the rise: Oakland Athletics

Team on the decline: Tampa Bay Rays

World Series: Oakland versus Philadelphia. Philadelphia wins 4-2 (and Roy Halladay gets the World Series MVP award)

I'm sure that most of my predictions will be wrong. Here are some predictions from ESPN's "experts".

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