Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tales from the ArXiv: Damping in Quantum Love Affairs

Sometimes, an eye-catching paper gets posted on the arXiv preprint server. Here is one such paper:

Title: Damping in Quantum Love Affairs

Author: Fabio Bagarello

Abstract: In a series of recent papers we have used an operatorial technique to describe stock markets and, in a different context, {\em love affairs} and their time evolutions. The strategy proposed so far does not allow any dumping effect. In this short note we show how, within the same framework, a strictly non periodic or quasi-periodic effect can be introduced in the model by describing in some details a linear Alice-Bob love relation with damping.

One of the things I really like about the title is that 'damping' can be used in both a physical and nonphysical context. Hell, it can be used in at least two different physical contexts! [Rarrrr!] And you know what makes it even more awesome? The fact that the abstract includes a typographical error in which "damping" is inadvertently called "dumping". D'oh!

I have only one question: Shouldn't the author have cited my article on quantum cuteness?

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