Saturday, March 26, 2011

They're real, and they're fabulous!

The woman behind the counter at Bojangles asked me, "Are those natural curls or do you curl your hair?"

I *should* have answered, "They're really and they're fabulous!"

Alas, it didn't occur to me until afterwards.

This entry will make sense only to people who know what I look like, but Google can always help you with that. Actually, women mention to me pretty frequently that they wish they had natural curls like me and sometimes even mention that they try vehemently to get their hair that way through curling (by which I don't mean the sport), but I don't remember ever previously being asked if I curl my hair. (To put this into proper context, recall that I lived in Midtown Atlanta for 2.5 years! Of course, I do vaguely recall being rendered speechless after some guy at one of Turgay Uzer's parties asked me, "Who does your hair?")

On a similar note, I really need a haircut...

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