Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Convergence Time towards Periodic Orbits in Discrete Dynamical Systems"

One of my papers was published in final form today. Here are the details.

Title: Convergence Time towards Periodic Orbits in Discrete Dynamical Systems

Authors: Jesús San Martín and Mason A. Porter

Abstract: We investigate the convergence towards periodic orbits in discrete dynamical systems. We examine the probability that a randomly chosen point converges to a particular neighborhood of a periodic orbit in a fixed number of iterations, and we use linearized equations to examine the evolution near that neighborhood. The underlying idea is that points of stable periodic orbit are associated with intervals. We state and prove a theorem that details what regions of phase space are mapped into these intervals (once they are known) and how many iterations are required to get there. We also construct algorithms that allow our theoretical results to be implemented successfully in practice.

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