Sunday, May 25, 2014

Josh Beckett Pitches a No-Hitter!

Josh Beckett of the Dodgers has pitched a no-hitter! This was the first no-hitter of 2014 and, more importantly, it was the first no-hitter by a Dodger pitcher (i.e., it was "our" first no-hitter) since Hideo Nomo threw one in Coors Field in 1996. And because today's game was a day game, I got to watch it even with the 5-hour time difference between the UK and Eastern time. Yay!

Josh Beckett was running on fumes for the last couple of batters in the 9th inning. Beckett used to be a much more dominating hurler than he is now. He must have had a couple of low-hit games before (though this is his first no-hitter).

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